Accept donations with Stripe


Wondering how to collect donations for the charity or a good cause? You can simply receive money from supporters with Payzard, right on your website.


Stripe is a developer-friendly payment gateway which enables you to accept online and mobile payments. With its suite of APIs, companies of all sizes process billions of dollars each year.

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Do you have a payment gateway?

You need a payment gateway to process online payments. It allows you to connect your website to the payment processor.

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Learn how to accept payments

Recurring payments and subscriptions

You can accept recurring payments right on your website. A great solution for SaaS or subscription-based businesses.

Testing your payments

You can test your payments before going live. Go to the button settings and choose a “test mode” status to see the whole process from a customer’s perspective.

Switching to live payments

Change button status to “live payments” and let customers buy right on your website. Note you have to complete a compliance process of the selected gateway.

What is Payzard?

Payzard is a solution that enables you to make sales right on your website with no effort. You don’t need any coding skills, just drag and drop a payment button, choose your website platform and a payment gateway you want to work with.

After implementation, all payments are managed directly through the website. With the access to your payment data, you can keep looking at business metrics and use them to improve your business.

Why do I need a payment gateway?

A payment gateway connects your website to the payment processor. When a customer types in a credit card details on your site, a gateway transfers it to the processor and get the funds released to your merchant account.

It authorizes cards and electronic payments by encrypting the sensitive data.

Is it secure?

Yes, the data on Payzard website is protected by an SSL encrypted session. Note that payment security on your website depends on chosen gateway. Every payment platform offers additional security layers, so ask your provider for the solutions they use.