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How to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers

Frequent customers have a huge impact on your sales as they buy more and often end up recommending your store to their friends. The point is to keep them close to your business not only during the holidays but also when the seasonal craze comes to an end.

How to add Stripe to your WordPress website?

Adding payments to your website can be tricky and some merchants are pretty scared even when they just think about the entire integration process. But calm down, here’s the simplest, step-by-step tutorial explaining how to add Stripe to your WordPress website in minutes. Ready?

7 proven ways to promote your online store

Starting an online business can be tricky and you should buckle up for the rocky road. The hardest part is standing out from other shops with similar products. So, where do you start?

Selling on your own website: The pros and cons

Do you think it’s better to sell your products on your own website or through common online marketplaces? You probably know that the answer is the ever-annoying: it depends. Read on to see what you need to consider when starting to sell online.

Building a successful subscription business

The subscription-based model is popular among startups. The reason is obvious. Recurring payments help companies predict cash flow. So, when you think of starting a SaaS business offering so-called subscription boxes, applications, or membership fees, read the following to make it successful.

5 easy ways to make money blogging

There are many ways to make money from blogs, such as advertising, affiliate marketing, events, product selling, subscriptions, etc. Read on to find the most common ideas to derive income from your blog.

Best practices for online fundraising

People like to feel special so reaching supporters individually might encourage them to help your organization again. Remember, it’s better to send them a message as an individual rather than as an organization.Online technology is growing constantly, as well as online and mobile payments. It’s a huge convenience not only for e-commerce merchants, but also for NGOs that can accept

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The Best PayPal Alternatives for Small Websites

Starting an online business or running a small website can be tricky, especially when you have just started. What about when you want to accept payments on your page, but don’t have any knowledge in that field? Is PayPal the only solution?

How to start selling online

Starting an eCommerce business is not easy, especially when you don’t have any experience in this field. There are many ways to sell directly on your website, even if you don’t have an online store.